Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lily flower tattoo–Tattoo Designs Pictures

Attractive and pretty. Gentle and pure. No, I am not defining a woman, but these words also define a flower. The lily flower tattoo inscribed on the foot of the lady enhances her femininity.

Lily flower tattoo–Femininity personified: Tattoos and Tattoo Pictures 88221
A beautiful design of tattoo represented through a combination of three lilies on the foot, correspond to innocence and natural beauty, which are a woman’s innate qualities. But different cultures carry different meanings and so does this lily flower.

While some part of the world symbolizes fertility, some other part relates it to innocence. Whatever maybe the meaning, this lily flower on the foot looks pretty and very feminine.

lip tattoo symbols: Tattoo Designs Pictures

lip tattoo symbols: Tattoo Designs Pictures